MLM Software Add ons

e-commerce integration

E-commerce Integration

MLM Software Add ons – The E-commerce integration feature allows users to sell products on the internet at major online hubs frequented by shoppers. To do this, online shopping carts including the likes of Shopify Plus and WooCommerce can be accessed within the software which will help in earning profits and utilizing other facilities like member management, product sales etc. We implement security measures to keep your information safe so that it


Multi Currency

The back-office tool supports multiple currencies such as EUR, USD and YEN among many others, to allow users to traverse their day to day business operations through the comfort of their currency. Also note that if your currency is not supported, you may ask us to incorporate it in your Elite MLM Software solution as we have for our range of clientele spread all across the globe!

Multi Language

Another feature supported by the back-office tool is the range of languages for our multi-lingual user base. Drive through your routine business operations through the comfort of your language. Just set your preferable language for your MLM software and it will work like an interpreter giving you comfort and am edge in your business interactions.
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CMS Website Design(WordPress)

Elite MLM Software services offer you structured development of your business website on WordPress, supporting and consulting with you throughout the design and development phases. We assist our customers in getting their business off the ground which includes building them a complete WordPress based website by our expert Design & Development Team which helps you in all phases of your website, from the building phase to after going live!

Ticket System

The ticket system feature allows user to assign tickets to users upon any issues or bugs that they may be facing within their software versions. The ticket system is an automated system that is developed to channelize all tickets of specific tags to relevant personnel and to notify the agents who rectify the issues addressed in the tickets. Agent handling of the tickets may be analyzed by admins through surveys and ticket life cycle analyses.

Payment Gateway Integration

For your ease and utility, Elite MLM Software comes with an integration of various payment gateways that provide a secure infrastructure to process user transactions through platforms including various cryptocurrencies as well as PayPal and Stripe among others.

Promotional Tools

Various promotion tools have been included in your Elite MLM Software versions which allows the user to share their link on different social media platforms to boost the promotion of their business.


If your software subscription or your MLM compensation plan has expired, you can instantly repurchase via the repurchase feature available on your software portal. Repurchases can be made through the e-wallet after successful e-pin generation.

Hosting Server

Elite MLM offers web hosting services on high bandwidth on both Windows & Linux web servers. Therefore, when it comes to technology related aspects related to your business, we have you covered!

Domain Name

Represent your MLM business brand through a unique domain name with Elite MLM features. Get your domain name as soon as the purchase is made which is made extremely easy through the E-Wallet and e-pin generation features.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security certificate, and protocol with which your MLM software is encrypted. This is essential because multi-level marketing businesses usually handle sensitive information such as distributor data, compensation details and payouts as well as other such information.

SMS Gateway Integration

The best and the easiest way to convey your message or to communicate with your users is SMS rather than emails or calls. Elite MLM software is incorporated with “Twilio” SMS gateway which is designed to receive all types of business information/notifications through the SMS service directly into the mobile of users.