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Hey there! You’ve landed at the perfect place if you want to get an in depth knowledge of cash gifting and the Sou Sou software. Before we start, let’s discuss what cash gifting is? Cash gifting is a gesture where someone gives you an amount of cash as a blessing or gift on any number of occasions. For instance, your parents may give you cash for a vacation or as graduation present or sometimes your grandparents give you some cash for Christmas.
However, it can be an unlawful and illegal pyramid scheme that can fine you a hefty amount of cash and possibly land you in prison if not done right. Whenever you are giving or getting money as a blessing or gift, be sure you are doing it legitimately. To ensure your money gifting is legalized, it’s essential to know the legality of giving cash gifts and keep away from money gifting schemes. Ensuring your money gifting is legalized is significant so you can secure your cash when offering it to other people or getting it from others. When it comes to legalizing and securing your cash, Sou Sou software always takes the lead.
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Sou Sou Software

Let’s dive in further to investigate the workings of the much touted Sou Sou software This software is for those who cannot get themselves to keep cash for blustery days and if you are one of them, then a Sou Sou might be exactly what you need to have to develop that little retirement fund. A Sou Sou (also known as Sou, merry-go-round, Su-Su or SuSu plan) is an informal investment saving club or scheme that is exceptionally well known nowadays. It is a sort of saving club where a small group of people meets up to make a pool that pays a weekly or monthly equivalent. The total pool also called as the giveaway, is then paid into a previously confirmed plan for one member of the group from the club. The fundamental rule is that every member from the group/club makes a standard contribution. Then every time the pre-stipulated period ends, the total contributions are disbursed to a single member of the group. After that, the recipient changes and the pool will rotate until all the members get their set amount of share. Through this, the Sou Sou software offers all users the opportunity to pull out the cash they have paid as and when they desire.

How is it the best way to invest money?

As with numerous things throughout everyday life, Sou Sou is one of the names that prop up when it comes to the best methods of investing money. When taken care of appropriately, these groups are restricted to family or close loved ones only. Trust is the integral component of this investing scheme, and people can have faith in each member of Sou Sou with their cash. It has been well known to have a casual rotating investment funds partnership (committee), where people manage to dispense cash similarly in a prearranged timetable. It is currently one of the most acknowledged plans in the world and one of the adages of this worthwhile money investment plan is “You will get what you pay for”.

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How does this plan work?

A fundamental Sou Sou works like this: chooses a financial officer who gathers the contributions from group members. He/she will likewise make an installment list; request that members get their hands on it any day during the cycle. The people taking part in the plan agree on how much and how regularly they need to contribute. If any ten members of the Sou Sou group contribute $1000 per week, then one different member will get $10,000 or a total in cash each week. The cycle starts again after the ten weeks. Any part who buys it can twofold their contribution and get two hand payments in a cycle. Members in these saving funds clubs think that it’s hard to keep up, and this sort of saving funds club will give them the duty they need to fulfill. Likewise, this gift loom Sou-Sou program strategy does not charge interest, so the pool will consistently get the amount they store in the pool bank.

For what reason do people prefer Sou-Sou to a savings bank?


At the bank, people miss out benefits. For instance, if you have a hundred dollar in the bank you go to get it back following months back, you just have $25 left. You have less cash; they have hidden charges that they subtract from your account on a continual basis! This is one of the major reasons why people need to join Sou-Sou, since this pyramid permits its members to evade bank expenses and advance interest, and it is kept far away from paperwork and bureaucracy.

So is it useful?

Sou-Sou has customarily helped people collect huge amounts of cash and in spite of community support; they have some troublesome tasks to fix with the correct direction. Have a look at some pros and cons of this program.

  • Advantages
    You might be the first one who gets the first turn to receive the money if you need cash right away. It can be a lifeline in rainy days, in the event that you actually don’t have the opportunity to make your rainy day account or if it is not sufficient to meet your needs.
  • Alternative To Connect Friends And Turn Into Business Partners!
    There was additionally a reason to meet and keep up companions from home countries. If you are in the neighborhood with certain companions or relatives or colleagues, then this is an extraordinary method to be connected to those you care about.

Troubles… but not so difficult to work around!

  • Finding authentic partners!
    Sou-Sou works on the principle of trust: every part is required to contribute their share every month. Hence, it doesn’t allow one to take the primary pot and vanish or forget their role for the upcoming months. So, finding a trustworthy partner (Companion) plays a significant role, but it is not hard for you to get connected with your friends/family or colleagues.
  • It might not be a perfect match for your business space!
    Arranging such activities and get-togethers with colleagues can be an incredible way to bond and help one another; however it can likewise be a gray room in your workplace. However, to deal with that, Sou-Sou activities can be a safe space when supervision of a manager and officer are included.
  • No extra or hidden interest on the investment
    Simultaneously, the greatest advantage might be a little drawback; the fundamental idea is that getting a pool of cash without interest assumes a part of lending, just as sparing takes the similar action. The term can fill in colossal advantage to lending and somewhat of a mistake to the people who join Sou Sou to save or make investments.

A simple guidance to join on Sou Sou

At the point when people need to join this authentic and legal Sou Sou scheme, they need to gift a specific measure of cash to the member at the last level (final level). Let’s have a look about this in detail.

A new member gives a little gift of money and can hope to get the treasure pot in the coming weeks. Also, an aggregate of 8 people (members) will be added at once to finish the primary level. At the point when a cycle happens that is one cycle/rotation occurs in every week, first level members will be moved to the following level by referring any two people on the organization (network), and the task will be facilitated by a great online tool: social media. Speaking with companions/relatives is a simple task to share the capacity to earn through media, and by utilizing it, people will rapidly get their pair members within the process duration.

Is Sou Sou legitimate?

Concise answer: yes! It is not at all like the other pay tree structures. the plan has four levels/layers in its structure. As it has a floral structure, it is known as a Money Flower Investment Plan. At the point when it is identified with the fundamental components of nature, the stages are represented by fire, air, earth, and water respectively, and if it is identified with the growth of a plant, they are represented by seed, stem, leaves, and blooms. Some people relate this shape with stone formed diamond pyramid, where the measurements are known by its color, for instance, the external layer of fire, such as red, and afterward turquoise, green, and lastly, blue which associates with water.
By giving a little money gift, members can begin their investment with the goal that every member can get paid as fast as they need, which is the thing that the vast majority of people need. While this is fundamentally the same as the GIFT DONATION MLM PLAN, this idea is totally different from others in the business, which means there are no sponsors and no compelling reason to make a solid effort to promote items to get paid. Likewise, the investment is low, and it pulls in more people to join, subsequently expanding business income quicker.

In the end you can give a try with this plan as there is no loss. It is by all accounts a genuine, legalized, and protected saving funds plan.

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