Version 7.0 – Advanced Features

Release Date: November 2018
Summary: This version is updated with PHP version 7.2, Codeigniter Version 3.1.2. Performance and concurrency improvements.

  • Transaction password reset option & extra languages.
  • Option to cancel user request for withdrawal before processing.
  • Instant payout (Paypal, Stripe, Coin Payments).
  • Login with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Advanced genealogy within the page.
  • E-Commerce product listing in user side.
  • Sendgird ana MailChimp integration.
  • E-Learning module.
  • Fund transfer.
  • Advanced rank system.
  • Dynamic compression.
  • Multi-Currency.
  • Promotional Tools.
  • Newsletter.
  • Order management.

Version 6.0 – Advanced Updations

Release Date: November 2017
Summary: This version is updated with more options like Repurchase, Package Validity, Cryptocurrency integration, CodeIgniter version upgrade, and re-designed dashboard. Provided with completely new and different looks also with the improvised user experience.

  • Added product purchase from MLM software.
  • Advanced eCommerce shopping cart integration with multi-currency and multiple payment gateways support.
  • Advanced Compensation plan settings for admin.
  • Easy Crypto Currency Implementation.
  • Coinpayments for Bitcoin, Etheruem, USDT, Bitcoin Cash, Bytecoin, Bean Cash, BlackCoin, Ether Classic, Ether, NEO, NXT, Peercoin, PotCoin, Waves, Monero + 68 other Cryptos
  • Ticket/Support system.

Version 5.0 – Multiple matrix plan

Release Date: April 2017
Summary: Multiple matrix plans within the same system.

  • Add user from admin side.
  • Bonus Report.
  • Advance member management.
  • Rank system.
  • Multiple genealogy trees.
  • Added X-UP Plan and spillover plan.
  • Added level commission.

Version 4.0 – Responsive

Release Date: November 2017
Summary: Moved the software into to the Responsive version using Bootstrap technology, which provides entire new looks and improvised user experience, and supports all popular os platforms like Android, IOS, Windows in all smartphones, tablets and more.

  • Brand new admin and user dashboard.
  • Backup options.
  • SMS Gateway Integration.
  • Added Monoline plan.
  • Genealogy tree with the search.

Version 3.0 – High-End Features

Release Date: July 2017
Summary: This version is highlighted with numerous features and redesigned the dashboard for better user experience.

  • Redesigned the User Dashboard.
  • Advanced Ewallet Implementation, with fund transfer option and Ewallet withdrawal limit settings.
  • 10 payment gateway implementation.
  • Added Forced plan.
  • Admin Settings to manage compensation plan settings, Withdrawal Settings, Site Settings.

Version 2.0 – CodeIgniter

Release Date: March 2017
Summary: The main highlight of this version is CodeIgniter. This version is translated all the MVC code to CodeIgniter to get the high-end features like security, Multi-language, Templating, Caching and also support a lot of library for making fastening the development process etc.

  • Epin Implementation.
  • 5 payment gateway implementation.
  • IE Support
  • Added Security Features
  • Added genealogy tree.

Version 1.0 – Initial Version

Release Date: December 2016
Summary: The initial version of Elite MLM Software only includes basic features of MLM Software. This version supported the binary and unilevel plan.

  • Payment Gateways like Paypal, Bank Transfer.
  • IE and all modern browser support.
  • SMTP Email notification.
  • Random Username, Generating Username with
  • Prefix.