Features Elite MLM Software is enriched with its features Elite MLM Software stands top position in MLM Software Industry because this product comes with a variety of unique features like Easy Customization, Secure Payments, E-Pin, E-Wallet, E-Commerce solution, Backup System, Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, Auto Payout and a lot more.


Detailed Dashboard

A customized cutting-edge dashboard is the first thing that you see when you log in to the features Elite MLM Software. Made to serve your eyes, this modernistic dashboard not only makes your navigation across the app a breeze, but also makes sure to give you information that is more important for you on top priority. Running a multi-level marketing business, the last thing that you want is to miss a notification or get it late!
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Genealogy Tree

To boost sales, keep the network growing and the business active, it is pertinent that you understand how the organizational distribution works and so do the people within the structure. To make it easy for the members of the network to understand and thereafter, to utilize, Elite MLM Software comes with a Genealogy Tree that is a dream come true for most people within MLM businesses.


The E-Wallet feature that comes with your MLM Software makes all transactions within your multi marketing business a breeze! Transferring bonuses, commissions and funds from you to your distributor and for your distributor to their sponsors is all accounted for in the functionality of the E-Wallet!

Multi Currency

Network marketing businesses have no geographical boundaries and so the multi currency feature offers excellent utility as a back- tool. Distributors can manage the fund calculations in their currency which assists in forecasting future sale outcomes for MLM businesses. Elite MLM offers the option for a multiple currencies within its software, however, we believe in serving our customers to full satisfaction and so, if your required currency is not included, we can add that for you too!
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Ticket System

The ticket assigning feature allows members to issue ‘tickets’ for any concern that they have within the software. These tickets are basically notifications sent to the admin of the software to notify them of any issues the users may be facing. To run successful businesses, we understand the importance of a people centric culture, and we have converted that into a feature of our software.

Rank System

The rank system allows setting an organizational hierarchy within the MLM business plan structure to allow for efficient maintenance of the system and to show the members the goals they have to achieve to proceed to their upper rank. Thus, it allows for a healthy competition within the structure, keeping it active and kicking!

Full Responsive

Due to the fully responsive nature of the Elite MLM Software, users can efficiently and easily run it on any device that they have, whether it be their PCs, laptops or tablets, the software has been developed to cater all needs of its users.

Promotional Tools

Promotional tools are interlaced within the software so that users can promote your MLM business on all major social media platform, any chance that they get. This keeps your business presence growing and promotes the recruitment of new members to the MLM network.

Report System

Due to the report generating feature, it has become easier than ever to manage the overall company progress, data for each individual distributor’s sales and much more, all in a format that is simple and easy to understand and promotes well informed and calculated decisions within your MLM business, at the higher levels and for all members within the network.

Multi Language

Multiple language options are available to allow for interaction with the software and subsequently, the business with comfort. All users will be able to opt for the language they want to use while operating the software which will help user navigation and understanding.

SMS Gateway

The SMS gateway service integrated with Twilio allows users to get all important information in real time! Never miss another notification or get it late through Elite MLM’s incorporation of the SMS gateway feature

Backup System

When handling a comprehensive database of records that are inherent to your business, it is essential for your software to have a strong backup system so that whatever happens, your records are always secure! The Elite MLM Software comes with a strong and efficient backup system that backs data on a real time basis so that not even a word can get lost from your data!


The users of the software can all log in to the system using system generated E-pins so that the users can all have unique identity pins when they access the system, thus allowing you to manage user handling in detail. This e-pin can also be used by distributors to recruit new members or to make payments securely. The e-pin feature in your Elite MLM Software guarantees security of all use information and data so they can traverse the software and make transactions without any worries.

Fund Transfer

Users and distributors can manage transfers to each other’s wallets without any hassle. Moreover, they can also deposit funds from external sources such as credit cards or bank transfers to their wallets to make transferring bonuses and commissions hassle free and secure!


Multi-level marketing businesses are eager to integrate online shopping carts to enable selling products online. Therefore, the e-commerce feature in the Elite MLM Software integrates major shopping carts such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopify plus, Magento, BigCommerce, CS-Cart and Prestashop wherein users are able to perform multiple management functions of their products via tracking, people management, sales record calculations and more!

Payment Gateway

The Elite MLM Software allows integration of numerous payment gateways in your multi marketing business software solution to provide a secure and reliable infrastructure of payment handling through API integrations such as PayPal, Stripe and cryptocurrencies as well!


Depositing in e-wallets has been secured through numerous cookie disabling frameworks which allow users to make transactions via their e-wallet in the most secure way possible. The Admin dashboard also enables setting up a deposit fee for these transactions.
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Member Management

The main dashboard allows for seamless control of member management within the MLM organization structure. Here, you are enabled to search, filter, add, edit, delete or block/unblock all network users from one place. It also allows you to the member’s records and compare them through a thorough performance analysis.

Social Sharing

The social sharing feature allows to drive traffic towards your business website thus promoting sales and sharing information that sells through a trend analysis of the searches.


The newsletter feature allows you to continue the conversation with your customers and users so that your business is never far away from their mind. Using trend analysis and key performance data, the newsletter feature compiles an editable newsletter document that you can share with your users.

Resource Migration

If you are new to the software or have an updated software solution and were using another format of record handling, we can manage data migration for you without you having to break a single sweat over it! So all you need is to sit back, while we will take care of shifting your existing system and records to your latest one!


With a state of the user functionality, the admin is enabled to manage product ordering and inventory management, efficiently and securely!

Secure Login

The two-factor authentication system integrated with user logging in the software allows secure software handling and keeps your system far away from any outside attacks or vulnerabilities.


The Elite MLM Software is flexible to adapt to any kind of compensation plan like Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Board, Hybrid and Forced that you would like to integrate with your MLM business at the specified time.

Commission Engine

With a powerful commission engine, your Elite MLM Software is designed to perform lengthy and complex yet critical compensation and award calculations accurately and within a few seconds. Additionally, due to its flexibility and customizability power, software users can manage commission level, amount, percentage and reward structure along with other details.

Payout Management

The payout management feature in your Elite MLM Software solution handles all payouts and its prior calculations without any hassle. You will also get detailed reports and analysis on related functions such as payout calculation, the grouping of payout, verification of payout, analysis of payout, income statement. Particularly, the commission and capping summary reports are particularly useful in precise business forecasting.

KYC Document

All Elite MLM Software solutions come with a Know Your Customer – KYC document that allows your business and its employees to understand their customers and verify their details through reliable, independent source information as another layer of security and for personalized customer handling.
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If your software expires, the re purchase features Elite MLM Software can be opted to get your desired software or compensation up and running within a few moments through the e-payment option via your e-wallet.

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