Monoline MLM Software

The Monoline MLM Software is as simple as one two three! It’s a straight line plan that is considered one of the most attractive plans in the MLM industry. You might come across this plan as the single leg MLM plan or Linear MLM Plan. They all refer to the same compensation plan in MLM softwares.

Why Should you Choose the Monoline Plan

Having the advantage of being the oldest MLM plan, this compensation plan has stood the test of time and has evolved to garner huge profits for both the companies and users within the network. Thinking of getting into the MLM business, this plan is the right one for you! Most old league players also employ this plan once they have it figured on how to play with it!

How the plan works

All users join the single forming chain as they get into the network and all existing members can earn from new recruits without doing much! Simple enough? Let’s explore this further
monoline mlm software
sponsor commission

Sponsor Bonus

Also known as the referral bonus, the sponsor bonus is awarded when a member of the organization recruits a new one down in the line. This is the perfect recipe to keep the network growing and for members to earn a side income.

What are the market benefits of this plan?

The benefits of this plan are plenty:

  • It’s the easiest to explain to newbies entering into the MLM business
  • If your timings are correct, due to the first come first serve basis, all members earn on a continual basis every time a member joins the downline
  • Additionally, users can even reenter the chain thus the chain expands at a fast pace!
  • Steady income is guaranteed for users in the monoline plan

monoline mlm plan

Why Elite MLM is the best company for the Monoline MLM Plan


Elite MLM specializes in creating softwares that enhance and effectively use each feature of your chosen compensation plan. Looking to capitalize on the benefits of the monoline compensation plan to the fullest? Added to full software functionality, easy to navigate user interface and a constant support service? You have landed on the perfect page!