Sou Sou PlanCash Gifting MLM Plan Software

A cash gifting MLM plan is also known as a sou or crowdfunding plan. Cash gifting or crowdfunding is a type of gifting plan in which friends and family members gift money, and this gifting is referred to as blessing or blessing loom.

Originally, the sou sou plan was established in African countries. At first cash gifting plan is used by the Africans. After a few years, citizens of the African continent who relocated to foreign countries began to follow the sou plan and this sou sou plan has expanded to other countries in this way. Countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States are now popular with this sou sou plan in the name of cash gifting. Sou sou plan quickly gained popularity. As soon as this plan gains momentum in terms of popularity.

The sou sou plan is named as a crowd funding or cash gifting Plan. It’s mainly simply between friends, family and relatives using the sou-sou plan, and you always get what you have. Still, you’re likely to come across folks you know or don’t know who are looking for a get-rich-quick plan.

Structure of Sou Sou Plan:

Every Sou Sou’s Plan has a set of rules to be followed. The cash gifting Plan is represented as flower and called as loom. There are four levels – FIRE, AIR, EARTH, and WATER in the cash gifting plan (flower). In which water member is placed at the centre of the loom. And fire members gift some amount of money to the water level member and join the loom of the cash gifting plan at the fire level. Following the successful joining of the four new members as “fire” in the loom, the fire members gift a particular amount of money to the member in the water level. After receiving the gift money from the fire members, the water level member exits the loom with the gift money received from members.  And after that the loom will be split into two. (If the water level member has to join the loom, the particular member has to gift amount to another water level member to get placed as a fire member). After that, the following earth members will be promoted to water. And the air members will be promoted to earth. And the fire members will be promoted to air. After that, the air members have to recruit new eight fire members to the loom. The Air level hired members benefit the water level member. After the successful gifting of eight new members sponsored by the air level members. The water level member exits the loom upon receiving the gift from the fire members. And this is how the cycle goes on in this type of network.

Working of Sou-Sou / Cash gifting Plan?

Su-Su, also known as Sou-Sou, is a money-gifting plan that has gained popularity in recent years. This is how the blessing loom concept normally begins. A friend or family member send you a message on social media to invite you to participate in this profitable opportunity. The plan’s most popular version allows you to enter a loom.

When a member joins the loom, they start from the initial fire level. At first, you enter the loom at the “Fire” level with $100, which you gift the amount to the water level member. After getting the gift from eight fire level member’s water level member exits the loom, and fire level members will be promoted to the “Air” level. Also, the loom will be separated into two looms. And you will be placed as air members. After that, you hire and bring in members to the fire level below you, and so on. And that fire members gift amount to water member.  After the air level, you will be promoted to the “Earth” level next. After once you’ve reached the “Water” level by the fourth and final repetition. That is when you receive your $800 “gift” or “blessed” from the eight fire level members. And you will exit the loom. (And gift another water level member to join as a fire member in another loom.)  The loom will be separated into two looms. And by paying 100$ to enter the new loom as a fire member. This cycle keeps on repeating this way. The water level member has 800$ at last and by paying $100, he/ she will be placed as a fire member and keeps the remaining $700 that he/ she got from the last loom.